About test

A digital nomad perpetually proving that an address doesn’t make you settled, a career doesn’t mean 4 grey office walls and success depends on the mindset- results naturally come after.

I started working in digital marketing when I was 18, working towards my Bachelor’s Degree focused on Business Administration and Management, with a double major in Global Management and Marketing. Now, graduated, with 8 years in sales and 6 years in marketing, I am still continuously learning every day.

Since then, I’ve worked with a marketing startup as the head of digital marketing, have done growth work and organic and paid social for several startups as well as working on a project to help local businesses in less developed countries and another side project developing a social app.

This is usually where my pitch would include the stats and results for the startups I’ve worked with, and my breakdown of services.

But that’s what my first meeting does, since I want to give you the most I can, with the most specified and targeted services.

The end there was a bit too salesy right?

Here’s a picture of some pretty flowers to balance it out.